Welcome to peeters.io

I decided to keep the theme i created (which is uniform over all my online presences), but instead of going for an all-by-myself written site and code, i decided to integrate anchorcms since it's a pretty simple and clean cms.

It does seem to be lacking some functions though, it's kind of a cross between an actual cms and just simple blogging software. Though it does make it a nice, clean, and simple to use platform for blogging (and using html & markdown, yay!), the problem is for example you can create regular pages, but then again you can't create dynamic pages like contact forms.

No biggie, i had a contact form and just use htaccess to cleanly get to that page. The front-end of the solution is clean, the back-end... a little less Might try to fix that sooner or later, but for now: it works, and i'm quite happy with it. :)

More content will be added soon, the main language will be english.