Letsencrypt and Dnssec scripts

I made a few scripts to automate things... and the have some horrible problems with dnssec :( Once a month, my LE certificate renews and things "should" be smoothly upgraded. They didn't.

Viktor Dukhovni got in touch to make me aware of some errors: secondary dns still serving outdated information, tlsa records that no longer validated, ... And so i sat down to look at my errors.

For now, everything validates again and i will be closely monitoring if my scripts behave as they should. For the interest of the entire community, i hereby provide my scripts as they are currently used - and let me apologize in advance for the rudimentary state of those scripts, since it's just a pet project i haven't made them the way the should be.

If you have any comments or improvements for the scripts, please let me know!

Letsencrypt script

dnssec script