Github project: LE-TLSA

I've set up my first github project (thought i'd share).

Because i've moved servers and am (once more) no longer using plesk (yay), i try to have as much automated as possible.
Since keeping your TLSA records correctly with letsencrypt can be a pain in the ass,
i went out looking for a script to make this easier... i didn't find it!

So, i created one myself and -instead of writing it with errorhandling and such before publishing, i just published it.
Atleast now there's a working version (atleast, it should) out there to base others off of.
I'll update the script in the future to have error handling and some more options, but for now this should be good.

Finally no more issues when updating a certificate:
the old records stay in the zone and the new get added, then after a few days the old get removed and the new certificate used in postfix.

find it on my github page