Cloning a live system

20th Oct, 2017
Since i've gone over to a vps for my server, and i love backups (when i don't forget them...), i had to figure out a way to clone my running system (since it's a vps, there's no livecd backup options, plus i dont want downtime) The solution came in thContinue reading ⇨

Github project: LE-TLSA

8th Jul, 2017
I've set up my first github project (thought i'd share).
Because i've moved servers and am (once more) no longer using plesk (yay), i try to have as much automated as possible. Since keeping your TLSA records correctly with letsencrypt can be a Continue reading ⇨

Move to Leaseweb

4th Jul, 2017
Today i completed most of the move of to Leaseweb.
I've had a great time with [@fusa]( : good pricing and great service.
Alas, it's time to put my hobby on a low burner and so i'm moving to a cheap vps.
Continue reading ⇨


19th Nov, 2016
I've finally gotten around to requesting an ipv6 assignment from my hoster and configuring it for the site.
This means that, starting from today, the site and mail will be reachable over ipv6.
Thank you [@fusa]( for their great Continue reading ⇨


14th Nov, 2016
I've been wanting to make a quick and easy tool for scanning a single page for a while now, and finally got around to it.
This script basically needs to know what scanner you are using, and where you want the file to be saved...
You can create Continue reading ⇨

Letsencrypt and Dnssec scripts

1st May, 2016
I made a few scripts to automate things... and the have some horrible problems with dnssec :( Once a month, my LE certificate renews and things "should" be smoothly upgraded. They didn't. Viktor Dukhovni got in touch to make me aware of some errors: seconContinue reading ⇨